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Unshakable Update

Hey all (or no one since no one ever visits my website)! I just wanted to give you a brief update on Unshakable. I took a break from writing it for quite a while. It just wasn't flowing like it should. I didn't want to force it so when inspiration hit me, I jotted it down and moved along. I also had to get a full-time job which put a wrench in a lot of things.

I have since published a little novelette, Taught, and started on novelette, Taught 2 (appropriately named, dontcha' think?). It's an erotic novelette series...quite spicier than Something More. *wink wink* Unshakable will tug at your heartstrings and damp between the thighs. It's going to be a bestseller and I want it to be just right. It has to come organically so it's going to take some more time. I know this is a disappointment to those that have been anticipating it, but it will be well worth the wait. I promise. God, I really hope it is. I don't like to break promises.

Please be patient with me. If you haven't read, Something More, it's a sweet love story with some hot sex. And if you haven't read Taught...well, I already said it's erotic, but I didn't mention that it's a 'forbidden' story. Intrigued? Go check it out. It's CHEAP! And SHORT!

Ok. I hope all of you are doing well. Live long and prosper! \\//

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