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I dabble in proofreading for fellow authors. When I read a book (for fun), I would notice, no matter how big the author was, there was always a mistake or typo somewhere. We are all human and miss even the simplest of things. I ended up making it a game and started highlighting all the typos. It's almost become an obsession, okay I'm mildly OCD. 

I have proofread numerous times for NY Times/USA Today/Wall Street Journal Bestselling Authors, Laurelin Paige & also Corinne Michaels. I have since proofed for various other authors.

I'm not an editor, by any means, but I like to think I am good at proofreading. I pick out the little things... missing words, misspelled words, misused words, some comma issues, discrepancies, if any; anything that may pop out to a reader.


Up to 70k $.002/word

$150 flat fee for 70-120k

$.002/each additional word over 120k

Works I've Proofread:

New York Times, USA Today, & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Authors

Independent Authors

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...and then some

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