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The Bread & Butter (TOAST)...

HELLO! I know it's been forever since I've posted...AGAIN. Today, I just want to talk about Fifty. My beloved, Christian Grey, and all of his shades of fucked upedness (new word...Webster's).

I'm going to share a post that me and my friend, Angie, did on our blog a week or so ago regarding all the Fifty bashing going on...RIDICULOUSNESS! You can read that post here...For the Love of Fifty.

You will see at the bottom of that post that EL James commented with a heart on our Twitter post. *faint*

Now I will post my 'review' of sorts on the movie which will contain spoilery type information.

Let me start by saying that going into this I thought Jamie (Dornan) was a good choice for Christian and I was not at all sold on Dakota (Johnson) as Ana. I can now safely say my opinion has flipped as I believe Dakota was everything in this movie...less the cheesy pancake line and long thigh hair (the bush between her thighs was expected and I guess we will see it in the sequels). Drunk Ana was HILARIOUS!

Christian was hot and all of that goodness, but some of Jamie's mannerisms and line deliveries ("Fuck the paperwork, "I don't make love. I fuck. Hard.", and "I'm fifty shades of fucked up.") just weren't as 'Christian' as I would have liked them to be. (Just my opinion and I get that it will never compare to what I envisioned when I read the books...over and over and over again.)

Some things were definitely left out that were an integral part and it will be interesting to see how they remedy that in the next one. I think it is also safe to say that unless you've read the book, you may have been a little clueless to some things happening (us die-hard fans of the books know all the ins and outs and might have been less affected by it).

Now let's talk about sex, baby. The sex in this movie is HAWT! H A W T

The toast. The time when he ties her to her bed and flips her over. The red room with Crazy playing.


(Even though I don't like to share my food, for him...YES! Just yes! YES! YES! YES!)

These sexy scenes were THE BEST! BEST!

All in all, I loved it even though it seemed rushed at times. I know they did their best to get everything in. I think #FSD and #FSF will be that much better because they will learn from this one. I can't wait for them!

I would like to take a brief moment to thank, Erika Leonard (EL James) for opening the door for SO MANY authors, including myself. The indie community is deeply indebted to you for such bravery. Don't let the nay-sayers get the best of you. You've done amazing things for authors, women, couples, and readers. We are all exploring new avenues in life because of you. I hope to one day accomplish a tiny increment of the success you have. Take a bow, lady, and keep on keepin' on!

See this post by Jarett Wieselman for more awesomeness on the movie. It made me laugh!

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