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Covid-19 2020

Here I sit, in my house, doing what I'm supposed to be doing, social distancing, my civic duty as an American amidst the virus pandemic called Coronavirus. I have no desire to go out into the public, as is most often the case anyway. I was ahead of the game in buying necessities thanks to a coworker. Not sure why everyone is buying 2-car garages full of toilet paper, but to each their own. I have enough to last me a while. I wish people were not being selfish and would leave some things for the people who really need it and are most susceptible to the virus, but people are assholes. I haven't gone crazy and bought a bunch of shit I will never eat. People have really gone mad. Just get what you need to last 14-21 days and move the fuck on. Place your orders online too and just go pick it up instead of going into the crowded stores. I saw that there were lines to enter the grocery stores and was like, wtf is wrong with these people?!? It's sad people don't use their noggins more often.

I was hoping to get some writing done today, but writing at home never seems to work out too well for me. Too many distractions like laundry, food, and reality tv. With spring break turning into school canceled for an additional week, for now anyway, my daughter is bound to drive me up a wall. Thankfully, my 9-5 has issued the work from home until further notice announcement. So here we are.

It is March 15, 2020 and my Christmas tree is still up and decorated and I have no intention of taking it down. During the holidays, I was in and out of it and never got it fully decorated so I figured I could decorate it a little here and there throughout the year and it will be ready for the holidays this time. I have yet to add an ornament or decoration to it, but the hope is still there that I will do it at some point. I'm lazy, what can I say? It's still pretty to look at.

Now for a book update. Well, there isn't much of one. I think I've written a sentence or two. Every time I go to write, I reread what I've already written, which is a lot and I don't finish reading it or get sidetracked and nothing gets done. Unshakable is such a great story and I really want to get it into your hands, but I just can't focus long enough to do it. And it's about halfway - 3/4 done! I am going to try harder and make it more of a priority. I have some days off coming up (tomorrow & Wed actually) and I will make an effort to get some done. Taught 2 is 1/4 written and has been left untouched for quite a while.

I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! (I know no one reads these anyway, but I'm sorry to myself for being such a slacker and asshole)

Imagine if I had put all the words I've written in this blog post into my book what progress would be made.

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